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Best Laid Schemes

I thought this Tumblr thing was perfect for blogging, since it automatically duplicates any linked images, and posts them to a directory. But then I realized it only does that when you post an image by itself. Grrr! So now we’re nearly back to square one – if I want to post an image within the text of my post, I have to upload it to Tumblr, then copy that URL and paste it in here. Hassle! Why can’t I have a more convenient solution? Why!?

/me shakes fists at heavens

I also don’t know how I feel about this WYSIWYG editor. I’m so used to [[html editing]] that I feel weird using ctrl-b for bold.


Ten Reasons XBox360 Owners Should Subscribe to XBox Live

  1. You can virtually hang out with your friends that you don’t see often in real life.
  2. It’s actually easier to quit playing a Live game. There are no checkpoints, no game to save, no boss to kill.
  3. It’s a new chapter in video game history. See this post of mine from 2006.
  4. Dude, come on. Stop being a hoser.
  5. You can listen to angry drunk idiots threaten each other, sometimes going so far as exchanging addresses. “Come on then! Come meet me!”
  6. You can torment people who want your gamertag (like students) by refusing to give it to them.
  7. I’ll give you a dollar.
  8. Someone you know is probably longing for decent people to play with, rather than just skipping from dingus to dorkus, finding no one of intellect or wit in the XBox-osphere.
  9. My Blogger archives are all screwed up. (That has nothing to do with XBox Live, but I’m angry about it and I need to vent.)
  10. I can complain about Saints Row through spoken words, rather than always through online text! Woo!

There’s something very zen about Garfield Minus Garfield.

There’s something very zen about Garfield Minus Garfield.


Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

This is actually the first Onion News Network video I’ve seen. I’m very impressed with the quality. (Though I can’t imagine why. Did I expect less from The Mighty O?) 


Let’s see if I can maintain a dedication to THIS new project for more than three months

Doctor Monkey knows what you didWell, thanks a lot, Madsimian! (What should I use as your main link page? You’re all over the freakin’ place!) You’ve gotten me into yet another online .. thing. (You, meanwhile, have way too many things. Pick two or three and stick with them! Soon you’ll need a website to keep track of all the websites keeping track of the things you post to different websites.)

First, of course, it was blogging. Then it was podcasting. Then it was Twitter. Then it was Wikipedia. Obviously, MS can’t be blamed for all of these, but I’ve started down a rhetorical path, and I shall not be deterred! (Hey, this text editor is a bit funky.)

I hope you’ll be able to enlarge that comic when you click on it. Otherwise, me and Tumblr are going to have words. (Update: You can’t, so I have to provide a link for the larger image. Grr!) It’s from Overcompensating, a superb comic I learned about from Netfluvia. (Soon none of us will have real names – only our witty little online nicks. 5w337!)

Anyway, I have high hopes for this project. Maybe it will get me actually blogging again. I must say, the old-style blog was getting to be a bit tedious. I’m a modern American high-tech internaut. I need everything simplified to one-click activity, and then converted to keyboard shortcuts so I never have to use the mouse.


Hmm. Can I not embed videos into these text posts? Grrr. I’ll have to find a way. Oh well. I’ll have to post TimeWasters™ separately.

Today I’m listening to: DI Breaks


Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.
— Oscar Wilde

That’s me. Photo by Lan Kopptich.

That’s me. Photo by Lan Kopptich.